When I graduated from UNCSA, I was eager to get to work despite the pandemic. I reasoned that while live events were not flourishing, residential work was probably doing better than ever with everyone staying home and wanting better wifi, better sound systems, and better entertainment in their own homes. 


These are examples of equipment racks I wired during my time at TIH. Usually, these contain audio matrices for whole-house distributed audio, network switches, security camera hubs, and a centralized video distribution system among other things. The bulk of the wiring exits the rack and is hooked up to a panel in the customers home where the wire throughout the entire house is run to.


This is an example of a house with a particularly large amount of televisions, speakers, networking access points, touch panels, and security cameras. The wire is color coded and all pulled through the house to a central location where it is hooked into one or more racks. All of this is controlled and monitored through Control4 and OVRC.