Piano Restoration

In 2018, I took a class in Composition for Theatre from sound designer and composer Lindsay Jones, most recently known for doing the sound design for Slave Play. Clicking the picture above will take you to a page dedicated to some of my excerpts from that class and descriptions of the projects.


Blueprint Design

The link above will take you to some examples of drafting I have done in AutoCad for productions.

Network Hub and Cable

Fall of my second year of graduate school at UNCSA, I was given the position of Mix Engineer for our production of

Leonard Bernstein's Mass. Through the link above you can see and click through some overhead footage of myself mixing the production.

Since the pandemic made working in theatre quite difficult, I have been working as a residential audio/video/networking technician. The link above will show examples of the kind of work I do, and the kind of documents I interpret on a daily basis.