Mixing Bernstein's Mass

During my second year of graduate school at UNCSA, I was given the opportunity to mix Leonard Bernstein's Mass. The school put on this production in the Stevens Center in honor of what would have been Leonard Bernstein's 100th Birthday. This show presented a unique challenge for mixing just from the sheer quantity of elements requiring reinforcement. Mass is not really a play as much as it is an orchestral performance with a loose plot. There were 20+ soloists, all with wireless mics, two separate choruses, a full orchestra, a rock band, and the main "character", the Celebrant, around whom the performance revolves. The show ran off of D-Mitri, and as such I mixed on the CueConsole. During one of our performances I was able to capture overhead footage of myself mixing the show. You can see that footage below - both in time lapse, and full time with selections.

4x Speed (No Sound)

Normal Speed, Shorter Sections, With Audio (incidentally recorded from phone at FOH)